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The University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Unversity of St Andrews and the James Hutton Institute, have created this MOOC that would encourage learning about basic economics of firms owned or controlled by their workers, issues relating to the long-term viability of cooperatives and policies to promote a cooperative sector in a market economy, among others.
Having taken the course, students will be better placed to participate in public discussion on cooperatives, or to join a cooperative or even start a new one.

Fecha de inicio del curso:

Oferta continua

Institución Que Dicta El Curso:

University of Edinburgh

Nombre del Curso:

Democracia Económica

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Campo De Estudio:

Democracia Económica

Beneficios y Requisitos:

Para conocer los beneficios y requisitos de este curso online gratis visita el Sitio Web Oficial del proveedor del curso.

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Curso Democracia Económica

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